Body Scrub AHA Paris


For all skin tones. Hyperkeratosis, or deep washing of the skin. Elimination of striae and their rectification. relieves skin of roughness and dead cells, limiting the emergence of flaws and ingrown hairs. allows for simple hair removal.

Makes the skin ready for cosmetic operations. Gel texture; simple to remove with water. Body scrub with a special blend of crushed quartz, coconut shavings, and a complex of fruit acids gently and effectively eliminates epidermal keratin cells, cleanses the skin, and stimulates and speeds up cell renewal.

Sea salt increases blood flow and infuses the skin with vital minerals.


Helps to prevent skin flaws and ingrown hairs by removing roughness and dead skin cells. makes hair removal simple. Gel-like texture that is simple to remove. Let’s take care of your smooth skin with Soskins Cerme Gomamante Aux AHA Body Scrub. Body care is an essential component of your overall physical beauty.



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