Huda Beauty Pigmented Cream Fair 11gm


For contouring and bronzing, the Tantour Contour & Bronzer Cream in “Fair” provides a cream-to-powder solution. As you apply and develop this highly pigmented product, you may achieve either a subtle, sun-kissed glow or a dramatic, sculpted contour.

What distinguishes it?

“Huda Beauty Pigmented Cream Fair 11gm” creates a bright, matte finish that never looks flat by striking the ideal balance between shadow and warmth. It is exceptional because to its flawless blendability and long-lasting, water- and sweat-resistant composition.

Additional Information:

  • Cream product form
  • Luminous, Creamy, Matte, and Natural Finish Types
  • Light coverage

Light: Fair


The Tantour Contour & Bronzer Cream in the colour ‘Fair’ is a multipurpose cream-to-powder product. With its deep pigmentation, Huda Beauty Pigmented Cream Fair 11gm enables you to obtain a naturally bronzed look or to develop a stunning contour as required.

Product Information:

Introducing Huda Beauty Pigmented Cream Fair 11gm:

Tantour’s Contoured Powder-to-Cream Elegance!

Unleash your inner artist with Tantour, the innovative cream-to-powder bronzer that empowers you to sculpt and layer for either a striking, theatrical contour or a naturally sun-kissed bronzed effect.

Tantour expertly harmonizes warmth and shadow to create a radiant, matte luminosity that endures all day, never losing its brilliance. This enduring solution is sweat- and water-resistant, effortlessly blending into your skin.

Enhance your beauty ritual with the Face Contouring Brush, and lock in your masterpiece with GloWish Easy Bake Loose Baking & Setting Powder by Tantour. Elevate your beauty journey with these vegan, cruelty-free essentials for a confident, flawless finish.



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