The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream



The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream

1. Uses:

  • Moisturizing creams are typically designed to hydrate and nourish the skin.
  • They may be used to improve skin texture and provide a smooth, supple feel.
  • Some moisturizing creams claim to address specific skin concerns, such as dryness, flakiness, or uneven skin tone.

2. Benefits:

Hydration: Moisturizing creams help to hydrate the skin, preventing dryness and promoting a healthy complexion.

Skin Barrier Support: Ceramides, a common ingredient in moisturizers, contribute to the skin’s natural barrier function, protecting it from external elements.

Improved Texture: Regular use may result in smoother and softer skin.

3. Risks:

Allergic Reactions: Some individuals may be sensitive or allergic to certain ingredients.

Always check the product’s ingredient list for potential allergens.

Breakouts: Depending on skin type, some people might experience breakouts or irritation with certain formulations.

4. Ingredients:

Rice Extract: Could provide antioxidant properties and contribute to skin brightness.

Ceramides: Help to strengthen the skin’s barrier and retain moisture.

Other ingredients might include emollients, humectants, and additional extracts for added benefits.

5. Results:

  • Results can vary from person to person. Users may experience improved hydration, softer skin, and a more even complexion.
  • Long-term use may contribute to overall skin health and resilience.

6. Price:

Prices for skincare products can vary widely based on factors such as brand, size, and regional availability.

Check with local retailers, The Face Shop’s official website, or other authorized sellers for the most accurate pricing information.

Consult dermatologists if you have specific skin concerns, and perform a patch test to ensure you don’t have any adverse reactions to the product. Additionally, be aware that product formulations and availability may change over time, so it’s a good idea to check for the latest information.

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The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream

The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream is a popular skincare product known for its hydrating and nourishing properties.

The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream based on information 

a) Key Ingredients:

Rice Extract:

Rice is often used in skincare for its brightening and hydrating properties. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that can contribute to a more even skin tone.


Ceramides are lipids that occur naturally in the skin and are essential for maintaining its barrier function. They help retain moisture, preventing water loss from the skin.

b) Claims and Benefits:


The cream is designed to provide intense hydration to the skin, helping to keep it moisturized throughout the day.


The rice extract and ceramides are likely included to nourish and improve the overall health of the skin.


Rice extract is known for its potential to brighten the skin and promote a more radiant complexion.

Barrier Repair:

Ceramides play a crucial role in supporting the skin’s natural barrier function, helping to protect it from environmental stressors.

c) Texture and Application:

The cream is typically described as having a smooth and creamy texture.

It’s recommended to apply the moisturizing cream to cleansed and toned skin, massaging it in gently until fully absorbed.


The product may have a subtle fragrance. The specific scent can vary, so it’s advisable to check the product description or packaging for details.


The product is usually packaged in a jar or a tube. Ensure that the packaging is airtight to prevent the product from drying out and to maintain its efficacy.

Skin Type:

The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream is often suitable for all skin types, but individuals with dry or dehydrated skin may particularly benefit from its hydrating properties.


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