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Dimple Creation in Islamabad, Pakistan Aesthedoc

Dimple Creation in Islamabad, Dimples are a subtle charm that are the inspiration for elevating facial allure. These enticing wrinkles, which cover the face, give the face a magnetic attraction. Not everyone is born with the desired grace of dimples, though. For people who lack natural beauty, beautifying their face and increasing its visual appeal becomes a mission. Fear not in this world of dreams, for in the bustling Pakistani metropolis of Islamabad, there is Aesthedoc at you get the best formation of Dimple Creation in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Take a trip into the complex embroidery of facial dimple creation as this piece reveals the anatomy underlying this creative improvement. Experience the benefits of your newly discovered dimples on your facial attractiveness.

Learn about the subtle factors that affect the facial dimple procedure cost to be sure that pursuing beauty is still within your reach. Learn about the many techniques used by Aesthedoc clinic to create these alluring dimples, which will add a customized touch to your desired appearance. Let Aesthedoc clinic be your guide on this life-changing adventure as you embrace the appeal of dimples as your signature in the world of facial refinement.

Dimple Creation in Islamabad, Pakistan Aesthedoc

For a variety of reasons, many people wish their cheeks were more charming and sweeter. Some may be inspired by hereditary qualities, such as having dimples in the family, while others simply aim to fulfill their personal desire for an attractive look. It’s a frequent desire to have cheek or chin dimples at some point in life, for whatever reason. It is now possible to achieve this cosmetic improvement because of technology breakthroughs. Creating dimples is now a simple, dependable procedure that is customized to your face’s shape. A specialist in cosmetic surgery in Islamabad, Aesthedoc clinic is the perfect place to realize your desire for a lovely and appealing appearance.

What is meant of Dimples?

Dimples are inborn anomalies in the cheek muscles. A cheek or sometimes chin dimple appears lovely when you smile because the skin covering these tiny muscle abnormalities stretches to fit the underlying tissue. Dimpleplasty is a cosmetic treatment where dimples on the cheekbones or chin are purposefully created.

The endearing grooves left by certain people’s smiles, called dimples, are usually found near the base of the cheeks. Aesthedoc clinic is a well-known plateform in Islamabad who specializes in dimple surgery. They uses a special technique to create these facial cosmetic notches that are authentic.

Types of Dimples:

1-Cheek Dimples:

Among the most common and recognizable, cheek dimples can be found in various locations on the cheek, with some individuals having a single dimple. But these dimples can add definition to the face, often creating the illusion of weight loss.

2-Chin Dimple:

Less common, the cleft chin is an indentation to linked to the jaw, creating a distinctive facial feature.

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

Dimple creation is suitable for individuals who:

  • Seek to enhance their self-image and confidence
  • Desire to add a charming dimple to their smile
  • Wish to alleviate pain or discomfort
  • Retain some skin laxity

Preparing for Dimple Creation

  1. Find an experienced cosmetic surgeon.
  2. Schedule an initial consultation to discuss risks and benefits.
  3. Determine candidacy for the procedure during the consultation.
  4. Decide on the placement of dimples.
  5. Discuss and finalize the cost.

Dimple Creation Procedure:

  • An outpatient procedure without hospital admission.
  • Local anesthesia, such as lidocaine, applied topically.
  • But a small biopsy device is to used to manually create a 2 to 3-millimeter dimple, removing a small amount of muscle and fat.
  • Sutures are to used to connect the two sides, and knotting performed to secure the dimple in place.

Recovery Time:

  • Typically 2 to 3 days of mild swelling.
  • No hospital admission required.
  • Apply cold packs to the area.


While uncommon, possible complications include:

  • Facial nerve injury
  • Hemorrhage
  • Edema and redness
  • Infection
  • Scarring

Dimpleplasty Cost in Islamabad:

The cost, determined in the initial consultation, ranges between PKR 25000 to PKR 30000 Factors influencing the cost include:

  • Whether a dimple desired on one or both cheeks
  • Cost of antibiotics
  • Cost of analgesics
  • Chin dimpleplasty tends to be pricier than cheek dimpleplasty.

Choose Aesthedoc clinic for Dimple Creation:

However you can turn your dream into reality. Schedule an appointment for Dimple Creation in Islamabad with Aesthedoc clinic Cosmetic Surgery by filling out the form below or calling us directly. We look forward to serving you.

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