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Cheek Implants in Multan, Aesthedoc Clinic

Not everyone is naturally endowed with fuller and elevated cheeks, which are often considered a symbol of divine beauty and attractiveness when accompanied by high cheekbones. Various factors, such as weight loss, aging, pregnancy, illness, and more, can contribute to saggy cheeks. However, some individuals may face asymmetrical cheekbones or thin cheeks from birth, leading to diminished self-esteem and an unfavorable appearance. Cheek Implants in Multan, Aesthedoc Clinic.

Addressing these concerns, Cheek Implants in Multan, offers top-notch and secure cheek implant procedures to help you achieve your desired aesthetic. The primary objective of this process is to enhance cheek volume or elevate cheekbones through techniques like implants or fillers. This enables individuals to attain a fuller and plumper appearance for their cheeks instantly, with minimal downtime.

Cheek Implants in Multan, Aesthedoc Clinic

Why Do We Give It Thought? The following justifies cheek implants:

  • sagging cheeks
  • Overly plump cheeks
  • cheek hollows beneath the eyes
  • loose skin beneath the eyes
  • folds of the nose

A Few Brief Details:

Here are a few quick facts:

  • Procedure lasting one or two hours.
  • completed under local anesthetic.
  • Completed using several methods.
  • enduring outcomes.
  • quick recovery process.

What Are the Tangible Outcomes?

Cheek implants offer the prospect of enduring results without any associated side effects. Furthermore, the outcomes may differ among individuals, influenced by the chosen technique or implant type, as well as individual metabolism. While immediate results may not be fully discernible due to swelling and bruising, they become apparent after a few weeks, resulting in naturally contoured cheeks. If during this period anyone experiences chest pain, shortness of breath, or palpitations, it is imperative to promptly seek consultation and visit a medical professional.

Which Candidates Are The Best Fit?

A few indicators may indicate the candidacy requirements. Your candidacies are appropriate if:

  • Physically, you’re in good health.
  • Your expectations are reasonable.
  • You desire immediate yet durable outcomes.
  • Your weight is steady.

Several Typical Advantages of Cheek Implants:

There are many advantages to the treatment, but a few of them include:

  • A permanent method of cheek augmentation.
  • Very little chance of frightening.
  • makes your cheeks appear higher and fuller.
  • makes you appear youthful and well-balanced.
  • It will increase your self-assurance.
  • enhances the shape of the cheeks.
  • Make the under-eye region smooth.
  • Lessen the creases.
  • Increase the region of volume in the cheeks.
  • Raise your cheeks.
  • aids in achieving the desired look.

What Steps Do You Take to Prepare?

Prior to performing the procedure, the following should be considered:

  • Make an appointment to consult with your physician.
    Examine the lab tests for medicine.
    Steer clear of NSAIDs.
    Give up smoking a few days before to the surgery.
    Prior to the process
  • A mark will be made by the surgeon.
    We’ll measure the region, says the surgeon.
    In some situations, take pictures.

Which Steps Are in the Procedure?

Depending on the approach, the process can take one to two hours. Additionally, the process consists of the following steps:

  • First, the patient is given anesthesia, either local, general, or topical, based on the doctor’s instructions.
  • Following anesthesia, the cheeks are incised; the nature of the incisions differs depending on the technique used.
  • When there is fat transfer, incisions are done close to the cheekbones. Additionally, cuts are done inside the mouth when it comes to implants. Certain plastic surgeons use incisions beneath the lower eyelid to insert the device.
  • Following the surgery, sutures or tapes are used to close the incisions.

Methods: This treatment employs a few methods, including:

  • implants malar
  • implants submalar
  • Injections of fat

A Few Post-Operative Directives:

While the technique is safe and results in immediate recovery, patients must adhere to certain instructions in order to prevent infection:

  • Avoid rubbing the implanted region.
  • Consume a balanced diet.
  • As advised, get some rest.
  • After surgery, abstain from vigorous activity for one week.
  • Apply ice packs to minimize edema.
  • Use recommended ointments if you have pain.
  • For a few days following the surgery, refrain from smoking.
  • When brushing your teeth, use caution.
  • Refrain from standing in the sun.

How quick is the healing process?

In addition, a patient may experience slight pain, swelling, and itching during the first few days of recuperation; however, these side effects can ultimately go away with medication and appropriate care. Additionally, a patient may have tightness from a fresh implant, which takes some time to go away. After the operation, a person can resume their normal activities two days later. Additionally, a patient heals to some extent within the first week and is able to resume all other regular activities. Additionally, a full recovery takes six weeks. Furthermore, depending on the approach employed, recovery may vary from patient to patient in some circumstances.

What is the duration of it?

After undergoing the operation, you can enjoy the long-lasting results for the rest of your life, thus they are truly permanent. Therefore, cheek implants are the greatest option for people who seek minimal downtime and long-term results.

Is receiving treatment risky?

While there are no known major risks following a cheek implant, patients may experience some swelling, inflammation, skin discoloration, and scarring following the procedure.

How much does it cost?

Just as crucial as the price is the surgeon’s experience and your level of comfort. But since cheek implants are a question of facial appearance, quality matters more than price. Always go with the best option. Though reasonable, the price of cheek implants in multan varies from person to person based on a few factors such as:

  • Fee for consultation
  • Surgical cost
  • Anesthesia Cost
  • The skill of doctors
  • Technique kind, clinic’s repute, and location
  • The desired area’s size
  • Charges for operating rooms
  • Additional hospital fees
  • Furthermore, the moderate prices at the Aesthedoc in Islamabad range from 150,000 to 200,000 PKR.

Why should You want to contact us?

The popularity of cheek implants in Islamabad is growing since they provide immediate recovery and long-lasting effects. Use Aesthedoc in Islamabad for the cleanest and safest cheek implants if you want to reverse the effects of aging and restore your face to its ideal youthful appearance. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable doctors will provide you with better care thanks to their experience. You will be astounded and taken aback by the transformation of your cheeks and face when you choose us. If you have any questions or need advice, you may also speak with our reputable physicians. We’ll work hard to support you in achieving your objectives.

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