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Non-Surgical facelift is a cosmetic process that aims to rejuvenate the appearance of the face without the need for surgery.

It include dermal fillers, Botox ,Thread lifts, and radio frequency treatments. We will discuss the benefits and potential risks of these procedures. As well as what to expect after treatment. Additionally we will provide information how to choose the right non-surgical facelift options for your individuals needs and goals.

What are the non-surgical options?

1.Dermal Fillers and Injectable:

Medical is offering a new and advanced methods of injectable nonsurgical treatments to plumper and smoother skin without the need to hit the operation table .

The wrinkles and fine lines are the most concerned issues in men and women when they start aging out dermal fillers give into these wrinkles and fine lines give plumpy effect and reduce signs of aging.

2.PDO PLLA Thread Lift

This technique can be considered the safest one with long term effects on the skin , there are many types of threads like under eyes forehead jawline cheeks. It also lifts and skin rejuvenate and give firmness.

3.Face Lasers

Laser therapies are helping the skin to rejuvenate by stimulating collagen productions under skin also some helps in the skin resurfacing and dead skin removal .

4. Radio Frequency / Thermage

The advanced micro needling technology with radio frequency helps you skin oxygenation and collagen stimulation with a very down time you can feel the good effects of skin tightening lifted saggy skin and helps in skin resurfacing.


One of the most popular nonsurgical face lift process is getting a shot of juvederm. This might injectable is made out of hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally present in the human body and responsible for that “dewy” and hydrated look celebrities have, and the first FDA approved dermal filler. Juvederm is the only filler that can last for two years, so you can expect immediate and long lasting non-surgical facelift from dermal fillers.

6. Radiesse and Belotero :

Radiesse and Belotero are at the top of game . If you want to Kim Kardashian worthy contouring, this is the non-surgical face lift for you. Immediately lift and contour your chin and jawline with the volumnizing effect Radiesse offers.

Belotero offers optional skin support by filling the spaces to this advanced system, it lifts deep folds and wrinkles.

7. Botox

Botox or Botulinum Toxin Injections , for a non-surgical facelift It is substance that dramatically and quickly reduces the signs of aging while preventing the appearance of new and deeper wrinkles and loose skin. Another great thing about this injection is just how affordable really is! With a boosting unit costing only is $ 8 dollars to $ 15 dollars’ people may have wrong idea of finished Botox patients, by finishing it properly you can experience a natural looking results from this non-invasive process.

9.IPL Photo facial ;

Laser skin Resurfacing , A powerful non-surgical facelift alternative is using intense pulsed light in the form of facial as the name suggests a photo facial involves an intense light penetrate the deeper skin layers. It creates a controlled injury in the dermis a lower skin layer this injury is at a microscopic level only injuring old cells since there is damage our body naturally heals itself creating new cells and boosting the production of collagen.

Fewer pores , Finer lines , Reduced wrinkles , and improved skin are some of the results that you can expect from IPL .

A facelift also referred to as Rhtidectomy, is a cosmetic surgery process aimed at providing you with more youthful facial appearance. The surgeon removes excessive facial skin to reshape the lower half of your face.

A face lift can tighten hanging lose skin around jawline,

Eliminate the deep creases  around your nose and mouth,

Get rid of the excessive hanging skin around your neck and chin,

Combined with surgery to real enhancing of your …

Cheeks, Eyelids, Forehead, Browse.

What is involved in Process ?

Surgeon will go over the medical history of client. He will look at the following :

Blood Clotting , Blood Pressure , Cigarette smoking , Medications , Drug use ,scaring , Allergies ,  and  Skin conditions

The Surgeon performs a traditional facelift by making an incision at your hairline above or in your hair and in front of your temporal region , they extend the incision downward in front of your ear , under ear and behind ear . than they lift the fatty tissues and skin off the fascial

( connective tissue ) and underlying muscle as forward as needed to correct your loose skin issue.

In some cases, surgeon will leave a drain into the wound to eliminate the excessive blood and apply the bandages, the surgeon will go deeper into the tissue to eliminate the extra skin. Both methods have similar results.

Benefits Of Facelift :

  • Reverse the appearance of aging
  • Smoothest the skin
  • Firm up muscles tone
  • Restore an attractive facial contour
  • Repair Sagging , Loose Skin:
  • Surgeons remove the extra skin they can address things like :
  • Turkey Wattles
  • Jowls
  • Overall aged appearance
  • Drooping skin around the eyes
  • While tightening is an important component of this process

Improving Facial Contour:

Surgeon reposition the underlying facial structure into a younger configuration before the address the face super facial layer. By doing this it creates less skin tension and helps preserve the facelift.

Risks of Face lift Process:

There are some risks including :

Bruising , Bleeding , Temporary damage to facial nerves, Numbness, Hematoma, Complications of Anesthesia, Scaring Thickening or widening of scar, Infection, unevenness between the two sides of the face , Tissues death or skin necrosis , redness , swelling , inflammation .

Recovery Time:

Facelift is a comprehensive and complex process that requires exceptional surgical skills however the surgery process is fairly quick for most takes two weeks to four weeks .

Summarizing Non- surgical Face lift;

Non-Surgical face lift have fewer risks and quicker results and recovery time than surgical face lift but they also have less dramatic results and don’t last as long . Make sure to look for a professional board certified surgeon to perform your process.