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Non-Surgical facelift is a cosmetic process that aims to rejuvenate the appearance of the face without the need for surgery.

It include dermal fillers, Botox ,Thread lifts, and radio frequency treatments. We will discuss the benefits and potential risks of these procedures. As well as what to expect after treatment. Additionally we will provide information how to choose the right non-surgical facelift options for your individuals needs and goals.

What are the non-surgical options?


The wrinkles and fine lines are the most concerned issues in men and women when they start aging out dermal fillers give in to these wrinkles and fine lines give plumpy effect and reduce signs of aging.

2.PDO PLLA Thread Lift

This technique can be considered the safest one with long term effects on the skin , there are many types of threads like under eyes forehead jawline cheeks. It also lifts and skin rejuvenate and give firmness.

3.Face Lasers

Laser therapies are helping the skin to rejuvenate by stimulating collagen productions under skin also some helps in the skin resurfacing and dead skin removal .

4. Radio Frequency

The advanced micro needling technology with radio frequency helps you skin oxygenation and collagen stimulation with a very down time you can feel the good effects of skin tightening lifted saggy skin and helps in skin resurfacing.

These are similar options that can help you in face lifting and sculpting , but most important is the process which is most suitable to you and considerations that you are the ideal candidate for surgical or non-surgical face lift.

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