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PDO thread facelift is a popular and minimally invasive cosmetic procedure providing a non surgical alternative traditional facelift using dissolvable surgical made of Poli dukkenon PDO just treatment items lifts and taken the skin promoting collision production for more useful appearance the procedure involves inserting Threads under the skin in specific areas to achieve a lifting effects taken to facelift but with less down time these heads can be smooth twisted or barbed depending on the desired outcome administered in the doctors’ office with local anesthesia the treatment forces on areas like Brows Jowls under the chain neck and other areas requiring lifting or skin thickening to minimized discomfort during the procedure doctors use techniques like numbing agents and nonuser cannulas for threads injecting results longitude varies with smooth Threads lasting around 6 months and barbed or twisted Threads lasting four weeks to be to a year never less the collision stimulated by the Threads can lost after 2 years with no surgical in seasons involved the procedure is generally safe reducing the race of nerve damage post procedure sensation may include temporary talking or mild tingling near nerves PDO Threads are also effective for eyebrows lift where they can combined with botox cosmetic for enhance lifting.
In conclusion the PDO thread left offers a safe and effective option for a non surgical face lift yielding natural looking results that endure for a considerable time.

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