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Carbon Laser Peels Treatment in Blue Area, Islamabad

Are you dealing with acne and seeking effective solutions? At Aesthedoc, we provide top-notch remedies for your Acne Scars Treatment in Blue Area, Islamabad. Acne proves to be a bothersome skin condition, commonly encountered by adolescents. However, adults may also experience acne later in life.

Acne Scars Treatment in Blue Area, Islamabad

The presence of acne can often lead to feelings of insecurity, but it’s important to realize that nearly everyone goes through some form of acne during puberty, whether it’s mild or severe.

Acne: What is it?

Acne, also called pimples, is a common skin condition that affects a wide range of individuals in their adolescent years, including boys, girls, and even adults. It’s a myth that acne that appears during puberty is normal and doesn’t require treatment.

Despite popular belief, acne is a skin condition for which there are effective treatments available to remove existing pimples and prevent the formation of new ones. With the right care, acne scars can disappear from the face. On the other hand, acne can leave behind unsightly, permanent scars if it is not treated.

What Kinds of Acne Scars Are?

Acne manifests in diverse forms, each necessitating specific therapeutic approaches. Even if it commences as a mild condition, neglecting its treatment may lead to substantial harm to the skin. To address these concerns effectively, it is advisable to seek guidance from an adept dermatologist affiliated with a reputable clinic such as Cosmetique, renowned for its superior acne scar treatment in Islamabad.

The most prevalent type is Acne vulgaris, commonly known as pimples, which can appear on various areas, including the face, arms, shoulders, and back. Below, we outline some of the more severe manifestations of acne:


These are minute, flesh-colored or dark bumps beneath the hair follicles, resulting in a rough skin texture. Comedones consist of oily sebum plugs and dead skin cells.


Tiny, white, raised bumps that represent closed comedones, typically appearing whitish or skin-toned.


Similar in structure to whiteheads but distinguished by their color, blackheads are open comedones that exhibit a yellow or black hue. The dark appearance is not due to dirt but results from irregular hair follicle growth.


Inflamed comedones characterized by small red or pink bumps.


Large, inflamed, and firm bumps that form deep within the skin, often causing pain and potential scarring.


Inflamed, pus-filled lumps on the skin, akin to nodules but with added pain.


Resembling whiteheads in appearance, pustules feature a red ring around the pus-filled bumps.

Nodulocystic Acne:

A severe form of acne marked by multiple nodules and cysts, appearing dark red or purple.

Individuals experiencing any of these manifestations are urged to promptly consult with a highly qualified dermatologist. You have to find an experienced acne treatment specialists in Pakistan, providing comprehensive and professional care.

Acne Scars Treatment in Blue Area, Islamabad

Is Acne Scars Treatment Available in Pakistan?

Treatment for acne scars in Islamabad, Pakistan typically involves the application of prescribed medications on the face multiple times a day, and in some cases, oral medications may be necessary. It is a common error to use steroid creams such as Dermovate for treating pimples, as these can exacerbate the condition and harm the skin. The development of acne is generally unrelated to dietary factors or insufficient water intake. However, maintaining a healthy diet, steering clear of fast food, and ensuring adequate hydration are beneficial for overall well-being.

It is crucial to be cautious of commercial creams and lotions claiming to address acne and promote fair skin, as they often contain steroids that can cause lasting damage to the skin. Such products should not be used without the guidance of a medical professional. Seeking advice from a qualified skin specialist is recommended for appropriate treatment. Fortunately, with the availability of advanced treatments, there is no need to endure the presence of pimples.

What Are the Main Causes of Acne Scars?

Many factors influence the development of acne. Increased skin oiliness and pore blockages are the outcome of the sebaceous glands producing an excessive amount of sebum. Furthermore, the buildup of dead skin cells thickens the skin, which exacerbates pore clogging because tallow production continues. Pore rupture may result from this process, giving bacteria a point of entry and producing excruciating, red skin inflammation.

  1. Imbalances in hormones
  2. Stress 3. Genetic susceptibility
  3. Residence; 5. Nutritional aspects
  4. Inheritable factors
  5. Cosmetic items
  6. Skin pressure (from helmets, for example)

Typical Symptoms and Signs

Nearly everyone has acne at some point in their lives, making it a common disorder. But it focuses on developing certain body parts, like the arms, back, shoulders, and face. Typical signs of acne include:
Skin lumps that resemble flesh (comedones)

  • gruesome lesions
  • Whiteheads and blackheads
  • irritation or redness at particular skin locations

Before the Treatment Consult to a Best Skin Specialist

Acne, a prevalent global skin condition, impacts approximately 80% of individuals at least once in their lifetime, often recurring. There exists a widespread misconception that acne is a commonplace issue during adolescence that requires no intervention. This, however, is a misguided notion an outright myth. Presently, several dermatological clinics, including the esteemed Cosmetique clinic, provide premier acne scar treatments in Islamabad.

Determining the right time to seek guidance from a dermatologist is crucial. While certain home remedies and natural products may alleviate mild acne, seeking the expertise of a qualified dermatologist is advisable. Only professionals affiliated with reputable institutions, such as the Aesthedoc, possess the comprehensive understanding necessary to assess the nature and severity of your condition.

Should you observe redness, swelling, irritation, pus-filled pimples, or cysts on your skin, prompt consultation with our expert physicians is recommended for swift and optimal acne treatments in Islamabad.

What Complications are Associated with Frequent Acne?

People with darker skin complexion are more prone to acne than people with lighter skin tones. Individuals that face frequent acne breakouts can develop some complications subsequently. However, at Cosmetique clinic, our experienced dermatologists ensure that acne is wholly treated along with all its complications.


The most common complication of frequent acne is dark spots or scars. Every type of acne spot can lead to acne scars. Moreover, squeezing and picking them elevates the chances of scarring. Laser treatments for acne scars are the only way to treat acne spots and blemishes permanently.

Depression and Low Self-Esteem:

People with acne breakouts suffer poor body image causing emotional distress in their lives. Acne or acne scars significantly affect an individual’s physical appearance. Hence, in such cases, people feel stressed and socially distant. One should seek both physical and emotional help to overcome this situation.

Changes in Skin Tone and Texture:

The skin of individuals with frequent acne can get darker (hyperpigmentation) or lighter (hypopigmentation) even after the treatment. Discoloration from some specific sites is a common side effect of the healing process of acne. Fortunately, discoloration reduction treatments are available at our Aesthedoc.Com.

How much does acne treatment cost in Islamabad Pakistan?

In Islamabad, Pakistan, a lot of clinics offer laser and cosmetic procedures. The typical price range in Pakistani Rupees is between Rs. 3000 and Rs. 50,000.

At Aesthedoc.Com, on the other hand, we offer the most affordable Acne Scars Treatment in Blue Area for patients from all over Pakistan. However, the exact cost and duration of the treatment we provide depend on the nature of the issue we are treating, including whether it can be resolved with medication alone or whether lasers or radiofrequency microneedling are needed.

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