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A breast implant is a prosthesis used to change the size, shape, and contours of a person’s breast. Breast implants can be placed to resuscitate a natural-looking breast following a mastectomy, to fix congenital defects and deformities of the chest wall or, cosmetically, to enlarge the appearance of the breast through breast augmentation. ( in the process of plastic surgery)

1. What are Breast implants;

• Breast implants are artificial devices (prostheses) surgically inserted into the breast.

• Breast implants are silicone shells filled with either silicone tell or saline ( sterile salt water).

2.Who Should get breast implants;

•Getting breast implants is a personal decision. Pursuing the desire to get an empowered body. 

• Be Finished development.

•Be in good physical health.

• Have Realistic expectations.

3.Why Breast implants;

• A big and larger size of the breast for many reasons;

• Restoration of previous breast size as it may decrease in size after pregnancy,  weight loss or tagging.

• Correct asymmetrical may be more prominent if tissue’s damaging is undergone before going to puberty.

• Restoring breasts after a  mastectomy( breast removal).

The women who had removed breasts due to cancer or any other serious health condition,  breast implants restore feminine features and help them feel complete. 

4• Affirming the gender.

The breast can help accurately express gender identity.

• Boosting Confidence. 

Breast Implants can help improve self-esteem and body image. 

•Familiarity with breast implants;

 Breast implanting is much more common and familiar in Europe and the United States as 3.5 million people have breast implants about 60% of breast implants contain silicone gel in the world, and approximately 35 million people have breast implants.

5• Comparing breast documentation and breast implants;

•The terms are substituted often for one another.

•Breast documentation is any cosmetic surgical process that enlarges the size of the breast.

• Breast implants are artificial devices (prostheses)surgically inserted into the breast these are silicone shells filled with saline solution or silicone gel that support breast augmentation procedure.

6•How long are New breast implants;

These typically last about ten years but the experience can be different.  The older that breast implant gets,  the more likely they are to rupture.

• Sign of breast rupture;

It may include changes in breast size or shape,  firmness or swelling.

However, no sign of rupture occurred sometime. 

• The most Natural feel of the implant ; 

Breast documentation and breast implants have made an incredible amount of headway to yield naturally feeling results. 

• Silicon breast implants tend to feel more natural than saline breast implants.  However, silicone and saline breast implants can both feel natural, depending g on the size of the breast before surgery and the position of their placement.

• Subglandular placement;

Breast implant fit between the breast tissue and chest muscles. If a person has a lot of breast tissue, the breast implants will feel natural.

• However,  if a person doesn’t have a lot of breast tissue it may not feel natural as breast implants.

• Types of shells can also determine how breast implant shells are smoother or textured.  Smooth shells are thinner than textured shells so they feel more natural.

•Smooth shells implants move freely during the workout which is closer to the moves of natural breast tissues. 

• A texture shell is thicker than smooth. Texture shell implants feel coarser to the touch, like the rough side of the sponge.

• The course’s texture helps the implants stick to the breast tissues, making them less likely to rotate or move.

• Filled textured shells feel firmer than smooth shells. 

7.The Most Natural Look implants;

Silicone gel implant is highly cohesive and approved by the United States Food and Drug administrative authority in 2012.

• These implants are commonly known as gummy bear breast implants. When cut in half, they retained their shape analogous to gummy bear candy.

8.Breast implants shapes;

Breast implants are common in various types of shapes.

• Round like a doughnut without a whole.

• A natural breast or a teardrop rounder at the bottom and narrow at the top.

9.Procedure Explanation;

• Pre-process Checklist;

 •An 18-year-old age is necessary to get a saline-filled breast implant as breasts continue development toll late teenage FDA recommends 22. Year old age to get silicone-filled breast implants.

• Mental health

• Expectations

• Plastic Surgery

• More imaginative about little cuts or injuries.

• Inspired by a spouse or friend to get breast implants. 

• Physical health body type.

• Height, weight, and overall body check.

Note ;

Larger implants require broader shoulders or wide hips.

• How the person will look after the implants.

• Preoperative sizing

10. Location of breast implants ;

There are two locations typically defined for implants.

• Submuscular placement.

• Subglanduler placement.

11. During the procedure ;

• Sedated or anaesthesia.

• Periareolar. ( an incision around the outer edge of the areola)

• Inframammary. ( an incision in the crease between the bottom of the breast and chest).

• Transaxillary.

 ( an incision in the armpit)

• Transumbillical.

( an incision in the belly button)

• Each type of incision has advantages and disadvantages. It must be chosen wisely with the consultation of a health provider.


•After the breast  implants, the healthcare will do the following:

• Wrapping of the breast in a specific supportive bra

• Compression band of anesthesiologist stopping anaesthesia into the body to keep asleep.

• Moved to the recovery room.

• Sore or tight chest after awakening

• Discharge after monitoring for a few hours.

• A driver or assistant to help the home.

• It may take six to eight weeks to get recover completely.

• Advantages of Breast Implants;

• Durable fit for 10 years.

•  Safe surgery low risk

• Boosting self-esteem.

13.Risks of breast implants;

There are two types of risks and complications.

• Short-term risks include

• Bleeding, 

• long term risks include hardening of breast implants. 

•Breast-lift surgery

•Additional  surgery

13.•Anaplastic large cell lymphoma;


A rare case of cancer of the immune system. It’s not cancer but it’s a type of lymphoma that develops in the tissues next to the breast. Implants. It’s commonly associated with breast implants that have texture shells.

• Breast Feeding;

Breast implants affect breastfeed g variously some can feed well others can’t as it affects the production of milk.

•Recovery Time; 

14. First few days may be painful after implants.

• Breast may be swelled or bruised.

• Chest muscles may feel sore.

• Incisions may bleed slightly.

• It may take 7 days to decrease the pain.

Take prescribed medications.

• It may take two weeks to get into light daily activity.

• No physical activity like running, lifting heavy objects, or moving arms above the head.

•It may take 6 to 8 weeks for a full recovery.

15.Back to Work ;

Must be able to get back on work in 2 to 8 weeks depending on work and uniqueness of body.

16.Schedule to Visit healthcare;

• After one to two weeks.

Change if bandages and check the incisions.

• After 4 to 6 weeks

• After 3 months to six months after breast implants.

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