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Burn reconstruction surgery in Islamabad, caused by burns, trauma, infections, tumors, or illnesses require reconstructive surgery in Pakistan. Reconstructive surgery for burns is done to improve appearance and functionality. Many times, procedures vary in complexity, from straightforward ones like direct wound closure to more intricate ones like microsurgery.

Burn reconstruction surgery in Islamabad, requires planning since several steps must be to completed in order. The size, kind, and extent of the damage will determine the kind of surgery done, how long the recovery period is, and the patient’s treatment plan. The treatment of a burn or wound is carefully studied. Among the most important factors to consider are the extent and degree of injury to the skeletal muscles and nerves.

Burn Reconstructive Surgery in Islamabad

Post-burn reconstruction goals
The objectives of burn reconstructive surgery are as follows:

  • Enhancement of appearance
  • Reduce constriction and limitations in function
  • Preventing infections
  • the wound’s closure
  • Reestablish tissue loss

Options for Plastic Surgery for Burns or Wounds

Skin replacements

Transplanting skin from one part of the body to another called a skin graft. Grafts, or sections of skin severed from their own blood supply, require a highly vascular recipient bed to be successful. Debridement of the wound must be to finished before grafting. The techniques for applying grafting material to a debrided wound in order to achieve closure are as follows:

Split skin graft or autograft (own skin)
Skin allograft (donor)
Xenografts or heterografts (skin of animals)
Skin cultured Skin substitute

Microvascular procedures

Microvascular surgery is the transfer of skin, muscle, or bone together with the artery and vein to a location that needs to be to restored. It is done by a plastic surgeon who reconnects the little blood arteries to restore circulation.

Reattaching fingers, hands, arms, and other amputated body parts done with this type of surgery. Microvascular surgery is also an effective treatment for soft tissue anomalies resulting from trauma or tumor surgery, as well as reconstructive surgery.

The free flap technique

A free flap operation often performed during breast reconstruction or after surgery to remove head or neck cancer. In order to reconstruct the area, during the procedure, bone, muscle, or tissue from the donor location are to transferred to the operative site together with the original blood supply.

Often, microsurgery used in the procedure. The surgical site can require ongoing wound care and take a long time to recover. The body might not fully recover for up to eight weeks.

Tissue growth

The body can grow more skin through the process of tissue expansion, which can be to used to repair almost any part of the body. A silicone balloon expander inserted under the skin near the injured area as part of the treatment.

The area gradually fills with saline solution over time, causing the skin to swell and stretch. This technique, most commonly employed for breast reconstruction, can also be to used to repair skin damaged by surgery, accidents, or congenital anomalies.

Bone Grafting

In a surgical operation known as bone grafting, diseased or damaged bones replaced with donated bone. Anywhere in your body where bone loss needs to be to repaired, a bone graft is an option.

Your surgeon may use the ribs, legs, or hips as sources of bone for the graft. Surgeons will occasionally use donated bone tissue from cadavers while performing bone grafting procedures.

Aesthedoc: Why Choose It?

Among other techniques, the plastic surgeons at Aesthedoc can minimize the size and appearance of scars using dermabrasion, surgical revision, and laser therapy.

Our plastic surgeons at the Aesthedoc Surgery Clinic in Islamabad have completed thousands of reconstructive and plastic surgeries to restore appearance and functioning. They have taught a handful of the most cutting-edge surgical methods and are knowledgeable about them.

Best doctors, our reconstructive surgeon at Aesthedoc in Islamabad, dedicated to his profession and consults with patients, their families, and other relevant parties as needed. From the first consultation to the final check-up, they make themselves available to the patients.

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