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PDO cog threads can be redefined facial contours while using collagen uses barbed sutures that cling to the skin tissues and effectively tighten and lift the skin when pulled. The barbs and cogs will anchor to the skin and give the appearance of a minor face lift.

PDO facelift is non -surgical cosmetic procedure that involves the use of tiny Threads made of polydioxanon to lift and titan setting skin the Threads are inserted into the skin using small needles and are design read box or cards that grape on to the tissue and providing more significant lifting effect them traditional video thread facelift.
The PDO cock thread lift procedure is a minimally invasive option for patient who want to achieve a more useful appearance without undergoing surgery the treatment can be performed in a doctor’s office under local anaesthesia and patients can usually resume their normal activities with in a day or two.
One of the major benefits of PDO govt 3rd lift is that they provide a more dramatic lifting effect than traditional PDO thread facelift the call or verbs on the Threads grip on to the tissue and hold it in place providing a more significant lift than a simple thread wood this makes the procedure ideal for patients who have more advanced science of aging or significant sagging in the specific areas of the face.
Video kok thread lift is to stimulate collegen production in the skin it is a protein that gives the skin it’s structure and elasticity, by inserting the video cards into the skin the bodies natural healing response is triggered leading to the production of new york laden in the freezer dahlia this can improve the overall texted and gone after completing go more useful appearance.


In any Medical procedure there are some risk associated with PDO cog thread lifts, these includes infection swelling and bruising however these can typically can be minimised by choosing an experience and a professional healthcare to perform the procedure.
In conclusion ;
PDO cog thread lift is a safe and effective non surgical option for patients who want to achieve a more useful appearance without undergoing surgery the procedure can provide more significant lifting effect than traditional PDO cog thread facelift and stimulate collegen production in the skin leading to improved texture and tone if you are interested in PDO cog thread lift. It is essential to consult a qualified and experience health care to determine if the procedure is right for you

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