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The fat-burning injection also known as an isotropic injection, are nutrients injections which contain fat-burning compounds for weight loss, isotropic injects use the connection of vitamins to increase metabolism, boost energy and burn fat more quickly.

  • Lipotropic injection of more contains vitamin B12, Which is considered safe in large quantities, however, it is used alone without a weight loss plan may not be safe.
  • Procedure;

This injectable contains various vitamins, nutrients and other ingredients purportedly used to aid in weight loss. The most common ingredients are the following ;

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B Complex
  • Branched changed amino acid BCAAs
  • L-Certintine
  • Phentermine
  • MIC ( a combination of methionine and choline )

The shots may be administered in the arm or areas that contain more subcutaneous fatty tissues, such as the thigh, abdomen and buttocks.

  • Benefits of isotropic injects;
  • improve energy level
  • Detoxes the liver
  • helps weight loss
  • Frequency ;

Some practitioners might recommend B12 shots up to two times per week for energy and fat metabolism.

  • Some doctors recommend B12 if someone has an overall deficiency in this micronutrient. In such cases, B12 is prescribed to take at home a couple of times per week, or as directed by the doctors.


The exact dosage of the injection will depend on what ingredients are being used. In one clinical trial assessing the efficiency of phentermine, vitamin B12, for weight loss as the sole Ingredient it was administered via injection of 1000 mg per week.

  • Side Effects of Lipotropic Injections;
  • The specific risk is often depending on the ingredients being used.
  • Vitamin B12, B16 and BCAAs for example are not harmful in large doses.
  • Human body simply extracts such elements excessively through urine.
  • Other ingredients, especially drugs like phentermine, could potentially lead to side effects like;
  • anxiety
  • constipation
  • diarrhoea
    •dry mouth
  • fatigue
  • incontinence
  • increase in heart rate
  • insomnia
    Numbness in feet or hands.
  • It’s also possible to experience side effects that may attribute to the patient’s overall weight loss programs. When the patient is not taking very many calories, he/she can experience such as;
  • extreme fatigue
  • gastrointestinal upset
  • hunger pangs
  • irritability
  • bitterness
  • lightheadedness
  • Working of isotropic injection ;
    The science behind these injections is mixed. Clinical studies on lipo-tropics and obesity have remained inconclusive.
  • Vitamin B12 is still not proven to be effective in weight loss because some provide the metabolic boost that many dictionaries promise.
  • If patients lose weight from injections, it’s likely attributed to the overall weight loss.
  • Lipotropic Injection’s Cost ;
    This can vary on the types of ingredients used in it. As well as the provider’s anecdotal reviews online are estimated to short ranging.
  • Safe and effective weight loss alternative ;

Tried and true weight loss plans usually implement the following measures.

  • A steady weight loss of 1- 2 pounds each week.
  • behavioural changes which include eating habits.
  • getting enough sleep
  • Stress management
  • regular checks k with the doctor
  • accountability via personal check-in
  • cutting down k. Sugar and processed food

Take away ;

  • isotropic Injections can burn fat in our body
    But these shots are not bulletproof.

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