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Skin shows ageing and in the process, it becomes pigmented wrinkles and saggy. Skin conditions can occur prematurely because of various internal and external factors. These can be overcome with the advancement of the cosmetology industry, there is no dearth of options to achieve, one of the methods is the use of glutathione injection.

Is Glutathione Good for Skin?

Glutathione is a naturally occurring substance produced by our liver and presents a useful antioxidant for performing several activities in our body such as
• Building and repairing of body tissues
• Neutralizing free radicals
• Helping in immunity
• Acting as an anti-cancer agent
• Delaying the process of ageing
Over the years, the level of glutathione decrease in our body, when this happens it accelerates the process of ageing in our body.
Because of this people tend to turn to glutathione injections, which help maintain their youthful look along with skin whitening.
This external agent helps to increase the level of glutathione in our body.

• Is Glutathione Safe?

Yes, these injections are safe which is why it has become a popular way of rejuvenating the skin and bringing it back to youthful radiance.

• Although it sounds like Marvel opted for glutathione injections as they quickly rejuvenate and whiten skin, the side effect with it does make it an ideal though.

• Glutathione Pills or Injections?

• injections are more effective and long-lasting than glutathione pills. It does not mean that pills do not provide results.

•Dermatologists will often prescribe infection rather than Pills.
• The pills can be used as an occasional booster to maintain the effects of injections.

• Consume Sulfur Rich Foods

The main items in the diet are garlic, onions and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale, collards, cabbage, cauliflower and watercress.

• Exercise

•Boosts glutathione levels •immune system.
• improves detoxification
• Start slow and consume 30 minutes a day of vigorous aerobic exercise.

•Common Side Effects of Glutathione?

Depending on the dosage administered the side effects can vary from mild to severe.

• in case of a higher dosage than required the patient can face kidney failure or blood poisoning

• If the dosage is given more than 5 grams or more include the following side effects;

• Nausea
• Skin rashes, hives or allergic reactions.
• Diarrhea or other forms of stomach upsets.
• Loss of Hair.
• Breathing Problem.
• Chest Pain
• Gain in weight
• Whitening hair
• Steve Johnson syndrome.
• Pain in breasts.
• Toxic epidermal necrosis
• Numbness
• Eye Disorder
• Aggravate symptoms of asthma.

• Results/ Conclusion

Based on various studies and research, the consensus is that glutathione injections results are:

• Positive for skin whitening.
• Long lasting.
• Antioxidant.
• Neutralizing free radicals.
• Reducing inflammation.
• Supporting a healthy immune function.
• promotes healthy youthful looking.

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