Kybella Double Chin Removal


Brand: Kybella

Sessions: a minimum of 02 sessions.

Life Span: Results that endure. After 12 weeks, the outcomes can be observed. Results often take six months to fully manifest.

Effects: The procedure is carried out in a clinic. There are extremely few negative effects and it is generally safe. This technique doesn’t involve any downtime.

Walk-in or online video consultation is a prerequisite.

Tests: No blood tests or hospital stays are necessary. After treatment, you don’t need to see a doctor again.

We offer specialized solutions based on the trouble spots you have.

Note: There is the option of installment payments for each session.


Adults who have moderate to severe submental fat, popularly known as a double chin, can benefit from Kybella’s improved appearance and profile. Kybella’s safety and effectiveness in treating fat that is not in the submental region or in patients younger than 18 is unknown.



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